My love for sandwiches and burgers never stop..I have a massive 35+ sandwich recipes in my blog. Will soon make a collection recipe post of my sandwich recipes..
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This sandwich is my go to recipe when i have no veggies on hand, even though i added onions, tomatoes and capsicum in this..Sometime i make this simply with plain salt pepper omelete..But i never ran out of green chutney, since i make them in bulk and freeze them. So a little spread of that chutney will simply jazz up this sandwich..You can leave the green chutney and use tomato ketchup instead..

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you.
Preparation Time : 5 mins
Cooking Time : 10 mins
Makes : 3 to 4 sandwiches


Potatoes: 3 Medium Potatoes
Eggs: 5 Eggs
Onions: 1/2 Onion
Chicken Slice: 4 Slices
Cheese: 8 Sandwich slices
Salt: As Per Taste


In a frying pan, take some oil and heat it. Add chopped potatoes, largely cut onion pieces and pinch of salt into heating oil.

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Cook for 10 minute while stir it with some wooden spoon. Potatoes will become soft and you will crush them to make like a paste. When all potatoes are crushed into paste, then cook for more 5 minute and remove from heat.

In separate bowl, pour 5 eggs, little bit of salt and beat them together. Then add potatoes mixture into this smashed eggs and mix both ingredients.

Now in a deep pan, put some olive oil on medium heat and pour 1/3 of all potatoes/egg mixture into it. Spread it evenly and place cheese slices along with chicken slices over it. Cover these cheese/chicken slices with remaining potatoes/egg mixture.

Cook it for next 5 minutes at low heat. After 5 minutes, place some dish over it and flip frying pan so that cooked side should come at top. Slip/put back omelette in frying pan to cook other side. Cook for another 5 minutes and your tasty Spanish potato omelette sandwich is ready.

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