Key Lime Pound Cake

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“Fantastic recipe, when key limes are in season, stock up on them, just put in freezer and they are good for about a year, when needed, just take out what you need, better than the bottle stuff, i like my limes fresh, I have frozen lemon and limes and oranges for years. and just as good as the day I got them. From Peyton in Mississauga”

“Yum! This is a great recipe and really simple. My only complaint was that I wished it looked a bit greener (it was more yellow-colored from the yolks). I serve it with some fresh whipped cream to balance the tartness. I’ve made it with bottled key lime juice and fresh squeezed limes. Also, we only chilled it for two hours and it was fine :)”

“This is an excellent key lime pie filling. I make it with a ginger snap pie crust instead, in a 10″ deep pie dish. I increase the heavy cream to 1 cup and increase the lime juice to 2/3 cup to make up for a large pie pan.”

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“Delicious! I used regular lime and it came out great. I’ll be trying key limes next. For those that can’t get a hold of any…try this: search for and you might be able to order some.”

“Thanks for the GREAT recipe! I had to toast my own almonds & hand squeeze a whole tree of key limes, but it was worth it. I took this on a hike with some friends and they all loved it and many wanted the recipe! (but will not ever carry a whole pie in a cooler up a hill ever again). I made extra crust; it is the best part of this type of pie; so it had a thick crust and a nice sprinking on the top.”


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