Chocolate Rice Krispie Balls

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This one took me for surprise ! I love it ! I used real butter and boxed cream cheese, I also used 3 TBS brown sugar. I did whip mine a long time in the mix master and placed in a bowl in the fridge over night. It was very soft,but after a day in the fridge, it formed into a perfect ball. I scooped it out onto waxed paper and rolled in Toffee bits. It really tasted like cookie dough once chilled. For those having trouble with forming a ball, you might want to chill it in a metal bowl, and be sure to use room temperature (real) butter and (regular)cream cheese. I don’t know if the whipping had anything to do with it, but my cheese ball did form well. Good luck 🙂 Thanks for a great new recipe.

Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! But Messy! Messy! Messy to make! I chose this recipe over the other peanut butter balls because it used less butter and more peanut butter. I too used just 2 cups of powdered sugar and it was PLENTY!! Still very sweet! One thing I did that has not been mentioned is that I chilled the peanut butter mixture before shaping it into balls – about 10 mins in the fridge, and once they were shaped into balls I threw them into the freezer for 5 mins before dipping them in the chocolate. I thought it was just way too sticky and messy to work with at room temp. Very Yummy!! Glad I found this recipe.

My grandma has been making these forever and they remind me of my childhood. My sister and I give them away as christmas presents every year and people fight over the containers that “have more.” I use creamy peanut butter because I prefer to have the rice krispies be the crunch in the candy. We’ve always used paraffin and it just makes the chocolate set harder, I don’t notice a change in the flavor.

I have a slight variation to add for those pressed for time. I made the recipe up but skipped making the balls. Instead I added the peanut butter/rice crispies mixture directly to the melted chocolate and dropped by teaspoonfuls onto the waxed paper. Very easy and very tasty.

In my opinion, these are the BEST cookies out there for your Christmas platter! My son requests these every year and they are gone in a day! We like to dip ours in white chocolate and drizzle dark chocolate over the tops.

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so tasty! i have made this more times than i can count for certain occasions. some tips on this: NO LOWFAT ALLOWED! its too runny. and also, if you can’t get it to form into a ball, you dont have enough sugar. add just a little extra at a time and it will be moldable. another good time saver- stick it in the freezer instead of the fridge. cuts the time in half. i also like to skip the nuts, add extra choc chips, and roll the ball in toffee bits. and then definately serve with chocolate grahms!

I made these for my Christmas baking platter this year and I couldn’t keep them on the plate. Everyone loved them. And my husband actually asked if I bought them because they looked so good!! I used shortening instead of the wax because that’s what I had on hand and it worked great.

I love this recipe and make these every holiday. It’s easier to round out the balls if you crush the cereal about 50% BEFORE you measure it. Also, freezing the balls before covering in chocolate helps. Finally, I use Gulf canning wax. This is key to make the chocolate look glossy and not melt/stick to everything. These days I make a half batch and get about 30 balls (after eating some as I go!)

Tastes like a chocolate chip cheesecake and is so simple to make! This was a HUGE hit at a ladies’ luncheon that I made it for. Everyone kept going back for more and everyone requested the recipe. Just be sure you let everyone know that it’s a DESSERT cheese ball. No one had ever seen a dessert cheese ball before, and one lady got quite confused as to why a cheese ball had black specks in it and was served with graham crackers! I served it with regular graham crackers and also chocolate graham crackers. I think it tasted best with the chocolate graham crackers. A helpful hint: Add graham crackers and/or chocolate graham crackers to the ingredients list. Since they weren’t listed, when I made my grocery list I neglected to buy any and had to make a special trip back to the grocery store when I realized I had nothing to serve the cheese ball with!


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